High-stable laser systems based on mode-locked lasers

Until recently the only way of measuring an optical wave frequency was using a set of oscillators covering the spectrum range from far IR to visible. Every oscillator frequency differed from the neighbor’s by amount that was small enough to be measured using standard methods. A very big number of oscillators were necessary for covering the frequency range from atomic clock radio frequency to the measured optical frequency.

Advances in mode-locked lasers and non-linear optical fibers offered a much simpler method of optical frequency comb generation. Locking a femtosecond laser comb to an absolute frequency standard allows making a device that can be used for:
•    improving the GNSS position error by several orders of magnitude;
•    radars precision improvement;
•    distributed computing efficiency increase by synchronization accuracy enhancement;
•    increase of the data channels bandwidth by means of improving the homo- and heterodyne local oscillators stability;
•    high-precision spectroscopy.

The project implies carrying out a number of researches aimed on development devices complied with particular consumer’s tasks as well as creating the prototypes of such devices. Considering the amount of research and development work, special educational programs are intended to be designed in order to train specialists in the field.