Laser systems for environmental monitoring

The most perspective method of remote detection of hydrocarbon deposits is a method of laser sensing. This method is based on the finding of formation of halos of methane, propane, and other heavy hydrocarbons (H2S, CO, CO2, H2, He) in the surface sediments and the surface layer of the atmosphere.

From the data of geophysical and geological exploration propane halos are characterized by extremely low concentrations. For sure they need to identify equipment with a sensitivity of 10 ... 20 ppb. In a world of such hardware is not there yet. In this respect, the development of new technological methods of airborne geophysical survey and registration of ultra hydrocarbon concentrations during mining and oil extraction operations to be relevant and useful.

Lidar studies make it possible to discriminate substances of technogenic and natural origin and their dispersion and absorption in the entire earth's biosphere and to carry out efficient remote determination of local concentrations  gaseous impurities in the atmosphere and on the land and water surface, including search for fields of oil and gas. Laser probing is the most up-to-date method of studying the parameters of the components of the earth's biosphere which in principle cannot be measured remotely by other methods.

 The lidar method has advantages over the traditional methods — for example, the physicochemical method — in that is a remote, non-contact method that can be used for continuous area and profile scanning with simultaneous determination of a wide array of chemical elements and compounds, as well as having a high detection rate. It is also important that lidar complexes can be used for efficient probing of the biosphere with no destructive effects on it.


The results of research

And mathematical programming models:

- The distribution of molecules indicators deposits in the surface layer of the atmosphere;

- Laser sensing area with above background concentrations of tracer molecules deposits

Laboratory sample:

- Laser equipment for remote sensing, which has an extremely high sensitivity and spectral selectivity for remote measurements of extremely low concentrations, the registration of indicator molecules in real time scale.

New technology and equipment highly sensitive geophysical search will be an effective step in meeting the growing needs and demand of energy companies and natural resources in the on-board automated laser systems, and will greatly contribute to the conquest of a decent place these products on the world market.